Dragon Jumper

Dragon Jumper 1.61

Supera todos los niveles con tu dragón saltarín


  • Simple pero adictivo
  • Compatible con gamepad
  • Entrena los reflejos


  • El juego acaba careciendo de elementos sorpresa


Con tres niveles de dificultad, Dragon Jumper es un juego adictivo donde tendrás que manejar a un dragón que debe esquivar a sus enemigos para alcanzar lo que más le gusta: diamantes y frutas. El lago es muy peligroso y los nenúfares a los que puedes saltar son muy inestables y están en constante movimiento. Tendrás que calcular bien tus pasos para conseguir todas las frutas y los diamantes. Cuando consigas el diamante naranja, habrás pasado de nivel. ¡Pero cuidado! El tiempo es limitado y tu dragón no sabe nadar.

Dragon Jumper is a new Frogger-like game. Each level you play a little dragon who lives in a magic lake. The lake is dangerous, but our little fellow loves fruits and diamonds. He loves them so much that even the most dangerous place in the world can not scary our fellow away. He is good in jumping and whenever Dragon sees a sparkling thing somewhere in the lake he immediately starts jumping from one spot of ground to another, just to get it.

To finish each level you must get a big orange diamond, but it is not so easy to get the diamond. Dragon must jump from one place of the lake to another to catch it. Dragon can jump on the small islands and leaves of the lily pads. But lily pads are not stable; they go up and down all the time. Some of the lily pads are larger, others are smaller, and some move faster, others slower. Unfortunately, our little fellow can't swim; therefore he sinks if he jumps into the water.

Keep in mind that your time is limited in each level. So hurry up, because all objects will start to move down into the water when time is up. When Dragon gets the diamond, he goes to the next level to start a new fascinating adventure.

Dragon Jumper


Dragon Jumper 1.61

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